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Therapies We Provide

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), is a goal-oriented therapeutic approach that addresses the interplay between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. It emphasizes identifying and challenging negative thought patterns to promote positive behavioral changes. Through collaborative sessions with a trained therapist, individuals learn practical strategies to manage and overcome various mental health issues, fostering lasting improvements in well-being.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of therapy specifically designed to help people who have experienced trauma or distressing events. The process involves recalling these memories while focusing on external stimuli, like guided eye movements. The goal is to help individuals process and manage these difficult memories, reducing their emotional impact and promoting overall well-being.

Cognitive Analytic Therapy

Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) stands out for its holistic exploration of enduring patterns, known as “reciprocal roles,” which are shaped by early experiences and influence present thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. CAT incorporates a temporal perspective, delving into the historical roots of these patterns. CAT fosters a collaborative and exploratory therapeutic relationship, inviting individuals to work with their therapist in understanding and modifying broader relational patterns. With tools borrowed from cognitive psychology and psychoanalysis, CAT seeks not only to address specific symptoms but to achieve comprehensive goals related to transforming patterns of thinking and relating across various aspects of life.

Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy (PIT)

Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy (PIT) is a therapeutic approach that integrates psychodynamic principles with a focus on interpersonal relationships. It centers on exploring how past experiences and relationships shape one’s current emotional and interpersonal functioning. PIT emphasizes creating a safe and reflective space for individuals to explore their emotions, interpersonal patterns, and the influence of early attachments. Through the therapeutic relationship, PIT aims to enhance self-awareness, improve relational dynamics, and address emotional difficulties at a deeper, more nuanced level.

How we can help

Free initial telephone consultation

A phone call to determine how we can support you at at time that suits you

1:1 Assessment​

Discuss and let you talk through your initial goals and focus and then we will use this to develop a plan for therapy

1:1 therapy if needed​

Start therapy, regularly reviewing goals to ensure that you are receiving the right kind of help.

I have referred many clients to Atticus and have always found them helpful and professional, with great feedback from clients about the outcomes of therapy
Clinical Psychologist, North west

Gain control of your life and find the balance you need to succeed!


Free initial telephone consultation

A phone call to determine how we can support you at at time that suits you


1:1 assessment

Building on our call to look into which of our specialisms would work for you.


1:1 therapy if needed

Based on the assessment we will decide on  the most appropriate therapy to help achieve your goals

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What clients are saying

Thank you so much Keira for all your support, I feel more positive and less anxious. The techniques I have learnt have been really useful.’
‘I spent a few years being depressed and lacked motivation. I was stuck and I had no hope. Thank you for listening and being there, for being challenging when I needed it and caring.’
‘I only had one session, I was recommended a book, this was all I needed at the time but knowing I had this contact was enough for me. I did not feel judged and it was nice to know that what I was going through was normal’.
‘I found therapy so difficult but it has changed my life.’

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