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How could therapy at Atticus help you?

Life can be hard at times for everyone and with so many options for therapy out there it can be hard to know where to turn.  At Atticus we are a team of Clinical Psychologists and psychotherapists, trained to the highest standards to help you get through difficult times and flourish.

We offer thorough initial assessments and a wide range of evidence-based psychological therapies to adults, adolescents, and families and are accredited with the BABCP, HCPC and ACAT.   

Post Traumatic Stress​
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Get the help you need to overcome obstacles and discover the route to a more meaningful, fulfilling life.

Difficult and traumatic experiences can affect how we view and relate to ourselves, others and the world in ways that can cause us further unintended problems.  

At Atticus we offer a professional, safe and compassionate space with a therapist to explore these issues and find ways forward that can give you more balance and control in your choices, easing emotional difficulties and helping you feel more fulfilled and content.

We are highly qualified, experienced and compassionate Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists offering CBT, CAT, EMDR and other evidence-based therapies to help you overcome obstacles and live a fulfilling life.


Free initial telephone consultation

An initial telephone call at a time that suits you to determine how we may be able to help you.

1:1 assessment

Building on our first call we look in greater detail at how therapy could be structured and tailored for you, including your own personal goals to measure the success of therapy.


1:1 Therapy

Based on the assesment we offer therapy aimed at meeting your goals as efficiently as possible, with frequent reviews of progress.



A final review to check that goals have been met and that you feel ready to finish therapy.

About US

Atticus Psychotherapies - can support you in achieving the results you are looking for.

Atticus Psychotherapies is a leading clinical psychology and psychotherapy service in the North West of England, based in South Manchester (Sale, Altrincham, Hale, Chorlton and Stockport).  We also offer online therapy via video.


We offer flexibility in terms of therapy location and times to meet your individual needs.  We are a group of caring, discrete, and experienced therapists, adhering to our professional guidelines.

Keira is a director of Atticus Psychotherapies and specialises in Functional Neurological Disorder and Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder within a leading Neuropsychology NHS service. Keira is a founding member of the FND society and she has particular expertise in CBT, EMDR and trauma focused therapy to patients with complexity. 

Accreditation & REGULATORY Bodies

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Atticus Clinical Psychologists and psychotherapists - reviews & feedback

Thank you so much Keira for all your support, I feel more positive and less anxious. The techniques I have learnt have been really useful.’
‘I spent a few years being depressed and lacked motivation. I was stuck and I had no hope. Thank you for listening and being there, for being challenging when I needed it and caring.’
I only had one session, I was recommended a book, this was all I needed at the time but knowing I had this contact was enough for me. I did not feel judged and it was nice to know that what I was going through was normal’.
I contacted Keira when I had a stressful time at work. I can not really pin point what was helpful. But it worked. I focused on my feelings and my thoughts. I stopped avoiding things, Thank you.’

Free call-back at a time that suits you.

Please await a confirmation email, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

 As we are not a crisis or emergency service, we advise you to contact your GP or attend A&E if you are in crisis.

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Fill in the form below to book a no-obligation initial consulting assessment.

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